Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trade of the Day - Apple Computer Inc. NASDAQ: AAPL

This was my best trade on the Fed announcement. Volume just took off and so did price. You'll notice that in AH trade, AAPL gave back all of its post fed gains due to an announcement concerning stock option grant irregularities.


Glenn said...

Nice one Jamie. You make it look easy to grab a point or two every day but it far from easy. I was in AAPL @ 57.00 when it started to fall I sold at 57.72. Do I need to be willing to give back my gains, use a BE stop and hope it goes back up and then even higher? Or did you know it was going to go higher? I took another .40 AH 57.70 to 57.30 but left .30 on the table.

Jamie said...

Hi Glenn,

I think my Sunday (July 2) afternoon post on low volatility breakouts will answer most of your questions. As I said in my email, I think you power scalped this one and your exit was good. Next time you might want to try exiting only 50% of your position and holding the balance for a bigger move.

Let me know how it works out.