Tuesday, June 27, 2006


NIHD's low volume bounce does not inspire confidence. Watch for a shorting opportunity on a high volume break of support.

Gbuy, Google's version of Paypal is a percieved threat to EBAY. Next major support level is $25.30.

This is a 30 minute view of FFIV. Our target of $52.50 was met today and now we should get a pullback to support - 1st level $50.00 and 2nd level $47.70.

This is a 15 minute view of LRCX. From the intrday chart, you can see that LRCX gapped up on the open but quickly fell into step with market and pulled back for the rest of the day. Watch to see if gap support (blue lines) holds in the early going. If so, LRCX could attempt to retest recent highs.


monkeydust said...

NVDA had a great day today. But, I decided to daytrade ATYT and THE for the day instead (NVDA really took me by suprise). I went with ATYT because they announce earnings tomorrow and last quarter had a nice pop after announcement. So, still had a great day with the choices I made.

Jamie said...

Nice moves on both NVDA and ATYT. The NVDA move was surprising given yesterday's action. By the time I noticed it, it was too far gone already.

monkeydust said...

Yeah, NVDA really surprised me since it was dropping like a rock in the first minutes of trading. I wonder if it has bottomed out or if this is just a blip.

Today's rally was very spotty as well. NVDA, ATYT, and INTC were strong yet MRVL, AAPL, and SNDK were weak.

I wonder how much longer the INTC rally will continue.

Jamie said...

INTC has resistance at $19 and then again at $20. Gap support at $17.50. If it comes back in for a test of gap support, I will be a buyer.