Monday, July 10, 2006

Trade of the Day - F5 Networks Inc. NASDAQ: (FFIV)

Talk about a lost opportunity. FFIV was one of the big losers on the NASDAQ today giving back 7.68% to close at $48.35 with an intraday low of $46.38. As per last night's watch list, FFIV was a short setup on a pullback to support with a target of $50.00. The entry was a break of Friday's low and I exited my entire position when the target was reached for a +2 pt. gain. Then I couldn't help but laugh ( and cry) as I watched it plummet as low as $46.38 on no news.

The TZOO short was invalidated on a gap up and the ENER short just got away from me so I passed.

Sorry for the late posting tonight - busy day at the office.

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