Thursday, July 27, 2006


CTXS is resuming its downtrend. The ADX is pushing 40 so momentum is bearish, however, we do have support in the $30.00 area.

LRCX is forming a bearish flag under its bearish H&S top. I don't think it will break tomorrow because it closed near the high end of the flag, but I wanted to post it tonight just in case.

BIDU looks like it will fill its bullish gap, but don't be surprised if it rallies temporarily when it fills the bearish gap ($71.38). There's also a lot of support at $70.00.

OSIP made a higher low today which is bullish in the context of the current consolidation pattern.

Still bullish on GENZ and NVDA (I'd like to see NVDA pullback to $19.00 before the next leg up) and bearish FFIV.


monkeydust said...

Well, NVDA was certainly my biggest winner today (with my biggest loser being CI). So, what's up with NVDA going up 10% today on no news? This technical or is there an announcement pending? No complaints here but still curious.

Jamie said...

Mine too! I will post it as the trade of the day. This morning I read that NVDA has indicated that it will allow support of its SLI technology on Intel's chipset platform and that the companies have already met to discuss a partnership. Not sure if this was the trigger or if it just rallied with the market.

Chad said...

I really like your analysis of LRCX fellas. I will be watching this one close...