Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Watch List - Genesis Microchip Inc. NASDAQ (GNSS)

GNSS carved out a bullish morningstar reversal pattern off of a multi-year pivot point. Should be good for a technical bounce. Thanks monkeydust!

My watch list also includes BRCM and TZOO along with a number of semi stocks which have bullish candlstick reversal patterns (too many to post).


monkeydust said...

Hey, my GNSS call turned out well today! (helps they got an upgrade this morning LOL)

IDIX also looked good today. Funny, a guy at work was recommending that stock to me today too.

Well, I've started the process of pulling my money out of the market. I've had enough for a while.

Jamie said...

Yes, great call on GNSS. Both stocks gapped up and formed NR bars with upper shadows so they may give back or fill their gaps tomorrow which could create new buying opportunities.