Monday, August 21, 2006

Watch List - RBAK, PAYX

RBAK is pulling back to support in an orderly fashion. Look for a reversal setup in the area of $17.00 if $18.00 doesn't hold.

PAYX long on a high volume break of resistance at $36.00. Potential hurdle is the 50 MA currently tracking at $36.30. Initial target is $37.00. I saw some late day strength in this stock when the rest of my charts were fading into the close.


Anonymous said...

What are your thought/charts on brokers? GS, MS, BSC, LEH

These have been pretty decent even in the downturn.

Also ICE

TJ said...

I'm not really familiar with these stocks. However, the daily views look a little toppy right now. The weekly views are still bullish. I like JPM on the weekly. I has formed a multi year base. ICE looks weak on both time frames.