Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Watch List - RIMM, SLAB, AKAM

RIMM has been bullish all week, but a gravestone doji usually kills a rally and sets up a short.

SLAB looks like it may be forming a bullish flag pattern. However, today's doji stick signals indecision, so we'll wait for confirmation.

Notwithstanding a market meltdown, AKAM looks well poistioned to bounce off of its primary pivot point at $37.77. Notice how perfectly the pivot and 10 day EMA line up.

I'm seeing a lot more short setups than long tonight. In fact, most bears probably had a much more profitable trading day than I did. That LRCX short that I've posted a few times in recent weeks looks very ripe right about now.


AJ said...

Hi Jamie,
Could you cover MEE for me please? I've gone short this stock a few days ago, I'm currently break-even on it, but wanted your opinion on it.

presidentfox said...

I see's Swing Trader column also featuring LRCX as ripe for shorting - looks very tasty at this should be the day...
Good luck,

Jamie said...

Thanks PF and good luck to you too!