Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gunman Attacks Students at Local College

I took the afternoon off when I became aware of the horror taking place just down the street from where live (I was trading from home yesterday and today as I've been under the weather). A gunman stormed Dawson college and shot students randomly. There were 20 students injured and one female student killed. Police shot and killed the gunman. As you can well imagine, our neighborhood is devastated by this event. I've been on the phone for the past several hours confirming that all of my family and friends are safe. Click here for news details.


estocastica said...

What a terrible event -- I'm very sorry to hear about this. It sounds like your family and friends are OK, which I know is a huge relief. Hang in up there.


Jamie said...

Thanks estocastica,
Yes my family and friends are all safe. We are praying for the lives of those students who are still in critical condition. Its hard to concentrate on anything else especially since it happened so close to home.