Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NASDAQ Technical Picture - WRB on Higher Volume

There are no stock charts at stockcharts.com right now, so I'm using Esignal even though the volume doesn't show up on my chart. Today was a wide range session on higher than average volume. I think we had a combination short squeeze/institutional buying at play today. The shorts got squeeezed when we took out last week's high and many of my intraday semi charts went parabolic in the afternoon. All tech sectors ended the session in the green paced by semis and networking. The 200 MA is just 8 points away so tomorrow could be the big test.


Ash T said...


I've been visiting your blog for some time now and have found your analysis and ideas very interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with new traders like myself.

One thing I wanted to ask you was how you select stocks for your watchlist. What screen or scanning software do you use, and what are your selection criteria?

Thanks again for a wonderfully informative blog.

Ash T (Mississauga, ON)

Jamie said...

Hi Ash,

Thanks for the kind words.

Basically I have a nifty fifty list of stocks that I review almost every night. I look at mainly NASDAQ stocks that trade an average of at least $1M shares per day and preferably a lot more. Highly liquid shares trade in a more orderly fashion so it is easier to manage a trade once you are in it.

Next I look for stocks making higher highs and higher lows for long setups and vice versa for shorts. My favorite setups are 1. a tight consolidation breakout, and 2. a shallow base breakout. Next I look for chart patterns such as flags, ascending (descending) triangles. I also like to trade off of pivot points and notable support and resistance areas.

For scanning I use Trade-Ideas and stockcharts.com. There are two posts in the archives that you may find useful. The first was written on March 27th entitled "My Trading Style" and the second was posted July 23rd entitled "Pre-Market Preparation".