Friday, September 29, 2006

No Trades Today

I couldn't find any quality setups as the market turned into a real snooze fest shortly after the opening range.


Anonymous said...

You must not have scanned HANS then

Anonymous said...

I was also bored on Friday afternoon watching a flat market and trying to be productive by entering stock symbols from the high/low ticker into my "scanner" (really just a huge list of stocks that I sort by %change for the day, sort of an "everything" watch list. I use this list to look for volume changes, either up or down, in search of trade ideas), when I noticed about 2 pm that the "new lows" of the day swung to about 99% and "new highs" about 1%. Hmmm, end of quarter sell-off? I managed to put on a couple of short scalps in the last two trading hours.

Jamie said...

HANS was a great short and I'm sorry I missed it. I didn't have access to my best scanning tool "Trade-Ideas" yesterday as I was trading from my client's office.

Congrats, sounds like you were able to use the scanner to your advantage on an otherwise mundane Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Nope - I did not trade HANS. I am not as good as you are in reading these charts.

I did notice that at the end of the day, there was a long red bar as it moved down early in the trading session, some time spent consolidating and a big move down again. Just the sort of charts you post as the chart of the day.