Monday, September 25, 2006

Watch List - Semis and Software


The breakout candidates in the semi sector are very well covered at High Chart Patterns.

I'll just add that last week it was hard to find more than a few nice charts in the sector and now its hard to find more than a handful of bad ones. In addition to the breakout candidates, I also like CREE and NVDA.


Software has broken multi-year resistance.

ADBE has the best looking chart in the software group.

CTXS looks well positioned to break resistance and head towards $38.00, followed by $40.00.

This is a weekly chart of ORCL which is breaking out of a multi-year base. Near-term target is $20.00.

This has nothing to do with semis or software, but I'm also planning to go long EXP on a high volume breakout:

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