Thursday, October 12, 2006

Beta Blogger Image Loading Problems

Is there a trick for loading images in the latest version of Blogger? I keep getting blanks with little red Xs in the upper left hand corner?


Tyro said...

I'm getting the same problem. I can see the images just fine in Firefox, though some appear truncated (the bottom got cut off). I found that the original image is fine, just the "shrunk" image gets clipped. You can replace the "img src" with the "a href". The image will appear full size so you'll have to do any resizing in a graphics editor.

The real answer is to get Firefox :)

Jamie said...

Hey Tyro,

I tried both Firefox and Explorer and had the same cutoff problem as you mention with FF.

When you say that I have to replace "img src" with "a href", is that in the blogger template?