Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NR7 Price Expansion - United States Steel Corporation (Public, NYSE:X)

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Here is a great example of Trader Mike's NR7 price expansion in action. Regular readers know that I have been trading Us Steel (NYSE:X) quite a bit since it showed up on a gapper scan on October 5th. Today, however, the internet where I work was down most of the morning, so I missed out on this huge move.


Rafitax said...

I was trading with Acerinox, a spanish Steel company, and ACX has a very similar movements in the last weeks.

Thanks for your posts...

Regards from Spain.

Anonymous said...

Feel free to visit my site at your leisure: http://www.arcadiafinancial.biz.

Arcadia Financial capitalizes on systems that take advantage of trends not unlike the one exhibited by Mike's recent X post.


Tom Fahy

Jamie said...

Thanks guys.

D TradeIdeas said...

More NR7s set-ups where that came from: http://www.trade-ideas.com/SingleAlertType/NR7/NR7.html

The NR7 is an example of feedback that Trade-Ideas takes from subscribers and uses to build what's requested. If you have an idea for a special indicator, please let us know at info@trade-ideas.com