Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Research In Motion Limited (USA) (Public, NASDAQ:RIMM) on WallStrip

The second installment of WallStrip focuses on Canada's biggest tech success story du jour - RIMM, or the Canadian ticker symbol RIM as Lindsay Campbell ( any relation to Neve - Scream / Party of Five - Campbell?) prefers.


esto said...

There is a bit of a resemblance to Neve -- I wonder if Lindsay is Canadian as well?


esto said...

I almost forgot, you didn't mention Neve's best silver screen performance in Wild Things. Now that was a great flick.

TJ said...

Hey Estocastica,

I took the conservative route and stuck with Neve's mainstream oeuvre for purposes of the post, but you're right about Wild Things and 54 wasn't bad either.

Howard Lindzon said...

thanks for watching and linking jamie