Monday, October 02, 2006

Technical Trade Ideas - ANDE, HANS, JOYG

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Glenn said...

Plus 1 booked in ANDE already, thanks Jamie! Too bad it was only a hundred shares.

Jamie said...

You're welcome Glenn. My target on ANDE is $30.00 which I forgot to mention in last night's blog post. But that won't happen today. I'm also long HANS just above $31.00 and hoping to get to $32.00 - 32.25.

Good trading!

Glenn said...

Perhaps when you have time could you talk about exit methods. For example, half off at +1, let the rest ride or trail a tight stop. Versus, get out at a buck even and move on. Which is better, and which on average provides the better gains? I am favouring, if you can get a buck, take a buck and move on.

Jamie said...

Hey Glenn, I sometimes put targets based on support and resistance levels in my watch lists but I've been reading so many negative posts about watch lists, that I decided to post "Technical Trade Ideas" instead. I intentionately left it loose. I prefer a detailed watch list because I use the watch list as my trading plan. If the plan doesn't take off for whatever reason, I try to find some interesting gapper setups to trade instead.

But to answer your question, I think its never a bad idea to take a profit. 1 pt. is not easy to get in markets like this one. As you know, I like to lock in 50% of my profit as soon as possible. That way if I get stopped out on the balance, I don't feel so bad.