Monday, November 13, 2006

Dummy Trade of the Day - Continental Airlines, Inc. (Public, NYSE:CAL)

CAL gapped up again today and set up a nice long on a break of the OR high following a NRB. Long on the fourth bar. Despite two lengthy consolidation periods, there was never any reason to close the position until the end of the day as price never challenged the rising 10 period ema.

BTW, CAL traded up to $39.00 in AH, but I can't find any news on

HANS was a short setup after consolidation of the gap fade, but it found support at $26.00 and I lost my patience with it when it tried to rally in mid-afternoon.

ISIS was a failed breakout long at $12.5o. I was stopped out for a small loss.


Cal said...

AH! I checked Stock: CAL, about 5 minutes before the market closed and saw the nice, uniformed uptrend for the day, thought about my oil plays as it was down all day, and I just KNEW you took the CAL trade today, haha, I was right on. Very Nice! I know you're happy about that money making stock in this sideways day, as other trader were engulfed with vigor.

P.S. Maybe, I, Cal, should take some trades in CAL?

Jamie said...

Hey Cal,

Have a look at the weekly chart for airlines $XAL. It looks like it is making a rounded bottom with all of the MAs converging as support. Also Citigroup airline conference Wed. could add more momentum going forward.