Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dummy Trade of the Day - U.S. Global Investors (Public, NASDAQ:GROW)

As I mentioned in the pre-market post this morning, despite the CSCO earnings, Iwasn't feeling bullish. I sort of had a feeling that the market was about to turn. However, I couldn't resist this dummy entry in GROW. My long entry was just above the pink segment and things moved along nicely for while. GROW made a higher high and started to consolidate. I didn't like the large spread in the stock so I decided to start bailing out before my stop was hit. I managed to get rid of most of my shares before price fell through support.

BRCM started to feel a little sluggish shortly after my long entry. Before I realized it, we had carved out a lower high and price started coming in fast. I managed little more than pocket change on this long. After lunch I decided that BRCM was setting up a short so I shorted on the first breach of support. My stop was set 22 cents away at the pink segment.

These were my only trades today. I don't like anticipating market turns. The ADLR trade did not setup as anticipated last night.

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