Wednesday, November 22, 2006

(NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox 360 Update

Xbox 360 'Gears of War' hits 1 mln copies sold; fastest selling original Xbox game of all time

According to a MSFT statement, "Gears of War" continues to emerge throughout the world ahead of the holiday sales rush, the Xbox 360 juggernaut has sold an impressive 1 million copies world-wide in just its first two weeks of release—elevating the game to the fastest-selling title of 2006 and fastest-selling original Xbox game of all time. "Gears of War" has also driven new members to the (Xbox live) network, as paid registrations per day have skyrocketed more than 50 percent since the game's launch. ( note: Video game names ERTS, TTWO, THQI, ATVI and GME benefit from Gears of War launch because this game is a console seller (ie: People are buying the Xbox 360 to play this game) because the game is exclusive to Xbox 360.) Courtesy of


Trader-X said...

Do you have an Xbox? I have been reading a lot on Xbox vs. the new PS, and almost all reviews of functionality and capability go to the Xbox. I am looking at getting one over the holidays, and just curious.

Misadventures said...

Trader X,

Get the XBox as it's cheaper and just as good in terms of graphics. If you were 14 and had all the time in the day to ignore the 100s of charts calling out to you, I would then say get the PS3 as it will have more games. But the Xbox 360 & Splinter Cell...I like I like...

BTW Jamie, Montreal or not, have a drumstick and a bottle of allegrini rippaso for your brothers down south. Have great weekend and thank for your help.

And X thanks for your article on fundamentals. Have a Good thanksgiving.

Jamie said...

Hey X,

Not a gamer per say but everything I've heard about the 360 is very positive including the add-ons for home entertainment.

Thanks LP,
You guys really know how to celebrate Thanksgiving. Enjoy!