Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Technical Trade Idea - CheckFree Corporation (Public NASDAQ:CKFR)

I am adding CKFR to my watchlist here. It looks like sellers can't move price any lower. Tuesday's NR7 bar was followed by a bullish engulfing bar yesterday. I'll buy a tradable pullback if support holds, or a breakout above yesterday's high. My short-term target is $40.00.


Misadventures said...

Momo low risk entries...would ZOLL on the 15min be considered a good candidate?

Misadventures said...

Does NCTY fall into the same group?

Jamie said...

Nice work Misadventures. Did you trade these? I wish I had checked my blog sooner.

Misadventures said...

No...I wish I did, there will be more on monday and every day from now on. I just want to run it by you as I consider you to have mastered this technique. However, I want thank you so much for letting me know that it is possible to find very profitable trades in the afternoon and more importantly how to find them.

Thank you oh wise one.

Jamie said...

You're welcome.

Take your time. There's no rush as you say. Or try trading 100 shares until you build your confidence.

If Blogger quits acting up, I'll post the charts later.