Friday, December 01, 2006

Pre-Market - Friday December 1st

I'll be watching for continued strength in the semiconductor space. Some names that moved well yesterday ATHR, KLAC, NVDA, SNDK. I know it's a long shot, but..... Piper Jaffray upgrades National Semi (NSM 24.19), tgt raised to $27 from $23, and Fairchild Semi (FCS 16.32) tgt raised to $19 from $16, to Outperform from Market Perform. The firm also upgrades Analog Devices (ADI 32.52) to Market Perform from Underperform and raises their tgt to $32 from $26 saying they believe weak near-term business trends could be bottoming. The firm says based on checks, they believe the overall semiconductor industry saw its steepest bookings decline period in the month of Sept. The firm says while orders were still down M-M in October, they believe the relative decline was less severe.

Potential NR7 - AKAM, SINA, PAYX, YHOO.

Bearish watch list - CAL


Anonymous said...

I will also be looking for a move in the chips. TXN has been the stock in the last few weeks that either pulls the SMH up or down in the last few weeks. If the chips are down and TXN can't move up early look to buy QID (2X short NASDQ).
Also, many Fridays helps the stocks that have lagged over the week and punishes the winners, Thus, look to short OIH,GDX (or other gold stocks), and XLE. Look to go long Health Care, HMO's, etc.(XLV).

Anonymous said...

Lets see some evidence!

Its all well and good posting trades after the event and giving your analysis of them , but I dare you to post your broker screen shots.

I've seen it all before. If you want to be taken seriously post your actual broker screen shot.

If you decline then I believe another wasted blog! Check out NAZ and Mr Charts on Full of honest traders

Jamie said...

Anonymous #1
Thanks for sharing those observations. Much appreciated.

Anonymous #2
This blog is not about proving, it's about sharing. Sorry, you don't have an appetite for that.

TVH said...

Ironic how some person that posts as anonymous wants more disclosure of your trades, Jamie. I enjoy your insight and blog. Keep it up!

Jamie said...

Good point TVH. Thanks!