Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pre-Market - Tuesday December 12th

Potential NR7 (Volatility Expansion) - AAPL, AVCT, STN

Akamai Tech (NASDAQ: AKAM): WR Hambrecht raises tgt, but suggests possible slight decrease in gross margins in FY07 (54.38 ) After hosting a meeting with co's CEO and CFO yesterday, WR Hambrecht notes that mgmt indicated capex spending and average deal size elongation may lead to a slight decrease in gross margins in FY07. However, mgmt also indicated that gross margin pressures would be more than offset by operational efficiencies, which should lead to overall operating margin expansion. As for Q4, firm thinks there could be 1-2 cents of EPS upside to consensus. Firm raises tgt to $60 from $54, or 38x revised FY08 est of $1.57.

Endo Pharm (NASDAQ: ENDP): WR Hambrecht downgrades to Hold from Buy; 2007 consensus too high.

Courtesy of Briefing.com


ExEngineer said...


Would you look for a Dummy setup on these NR7's, or would you look for some other trade?

Jamie said...

Yes, these are generally more volatile, but I still like to look for a low risk entry on the 15 minute timeframe.

XO said...

How did you narrow down your list to only 3 nr7 candidates?


Jamie said...


I'm just starting to trade these NR7 bars on the daily timeframe and I'm still developing the criteria. Today I was looking at NR inside bars. I was also looking at HANS, but didn't post it to the watchlist because it wasn't an inside bar.

Any ideas in this regard would be appreciated.