Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stock Tickr Blog - Interviews Zoomie (ex Fighter Pilot!)

Check out Dave's latest interview with Zoomie. Also, you can view Zoomie's trades at move the markets.

Jason is back in action today with three nice trades.

Trader Mike has solved the server problems!


Zoomie said...

Thanks for the plug! I was wondering if you could critique my STLD short trade today on 30 minute chart. Short break of 4th bar low. I lowered my stop (as trade stalled) to top of 6th bar high, and was stopped out on 10th bar.

Jamie said...

Hi Zoomie,
Likewise, thanks for the plug! The STLD trade was technically correct in all aspects. Just that notable support area kept it propped up for now. See my post above.