Monday, June 18, 2007

Dummy Trade of the Day - Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (Public, NYSE:CMG)

Today's session was very choppy so I traded half share size. The theme of the day was book your profits quickly or else you might find yourself giving most of it back. CMG (15 min.) as planned. RVBD (5 min.) and SNDK (5 min.) for small gains. THE did not set up a short but it looks weak so keep it on the watch list for tomorrow.


Prospectus said...


Nice trades.

On CMG, it looks like you gave more weight to the two swing highs the day before rather than the OR high from Friday. Any reason why?

On SNDK, it looks like you didn't like any of the entries until the base and break that you took? It gapped up above the level you were watching from Friday, so I take it you didn't chase.

Jamie said...

Thanks Prospectus,

CMG was basing and ready to break in late session trading on Friday so I used that base as my entry point. The weak holders were shaken out on the open, so that was another favorable point for my decision to go long where I did.

SNDK was choppy and did not setup anything tradable on any timeframe 1, 3, 5, 15, so I decided to wait to see if a better entry would come along.

My only regret was not taking the CMED entry which setup very nicely on the 1 min. timeframe.

In many respects RVBD was the strongest stock. Also a B&B watch list stock, except I didn't think it would break today. I was happy I spotted it in time to take the trade.

Prospectus said...

Thanks for the explanation, Jamie. I took RVBD today, too, after it was mentioned on Wallstreak, and I'm still holding it as a swing trade.

Jamie said...

That's great Prospectus,

What was your entry price and what is your target as it is now trading in blue sky territory.

Prospectus said...

Entry was $42.93--I was a bit late, I wanted $42.75. My initial stop is $1 below that, at $41.93. I'm being tutored a bit in position trading by Pinoytrader, both on his blog and on Wallstreak. I'll move the stop to breakeven at some point in the next few days, and then I'll trail a stop (no target) until I'm taken out, barring some big capitulation volume move up which might tempt me to cash in.

I'm also reading the Vadym Graifer Tape Reading book, which is helping cement the ideas you've already shared with us.

Jamie said...


The entry is just under my entry. Good luck - hope it continues higher for you.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the Graifer book.