Friday, June 15, 2007


As I said in the past, Trader-X owns the gapper trade and is revered by all his readers, including myself. He has decided to hang up the blog after many years of teaching and mentoring. His genius was in developing a gap trading methodology that included only high quality setups and articulating precise trading rules. I will miss his trading insights and clever takes on politics and pop culture.

I encourage everyone to check out the Trader-X archives.

Thank-you Trader-X and all the best!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know about Trader-X until today. If i were in his shoes, man, i wouldn't quit. You got a piece of platform to voice your satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the system, and you built it yourself. That's freedom at its best!! But that's one mans opinion.

'What's YOUR vested INTERESTS in the system!?'

Jamie said...


Priorities change. He still owns the blog and is free to voice (post) anytime, anywhere.

Anonymous said...


Now you're Number 1. I hope it doesn't get too lonely at the top. I need all the trading help I can get ;)


Jamie said...


Thanks for the vote of confidence.