Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Acronyms and Abbreviations

In response to reader mail, here is a list of my blog's most commonly used acronyms and abbreviations:

NRB - Narrow Range Bar
WRB - Wide range Bar
ORH (L) - Opening Range High (Low)
NRIB - Narrow Range Inside Bar
ORBO - Opening Range Breakout
C&H - Cup and Handle
H&S - Head and Shoulders
BO - Breakout
BE - Break even
EOD - End of Day
B&B - Base and Break
PP - Pivot Point
R2 - Pivot point resistance level 2
S2 - Pivot point support level 2
NR7 - Narrowest price/volume bar in the last 7 bars. Price/volume contraction ahead of expansion.
4/15 - 4th bar on the 15 minute time frame.
SS - Short squeeze
SMA - Simple moving average
EMA - Exponential moving average
5 EMA - 5 period EMA
S/R - Support/Resistance
R:R - Risk: Reward Ratio. If the trade generates 3.0R, the return is three times the amount risked.
WL - Watch list
TI - Trade_Ideas Scanner
PDH(L) - Previous day high (low)
R-zone - Fibonacci retracement zone

If you need help understanding my underlying trading methodology, read the Intro to WSW Blog under Key Posts in the side panel. It's not complete by any means, but it's a good start.


Anonymous said...


From WL, late day entry in GENZ off 10/30 thru big round number. Felt that the daily had good potential. Got high volume range expansion BO bar, then turned. Only able to get 27 cents from initial risk of 20 cents. Anti-climatic. It did close above daily PP.

TJ said...

Hey Jim,

GENZ had a nice long flat base. Should have been good for 3 WRBs on the 15 min. Too bad it failed after such a nice start your direction.

ALXN looks like it's getting ready to do something here. It's been basing between $68 and $66 for four days.

CROX - possible box play. At the moment it looks ready to BO to the upside. Could make a move to the 20 ema on the daily.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ALXN and CROX comments. AMGN has interesting inverted H&S on daily.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Respect about Acronyms and Abbreviations. Thanks