Tuesday, August 19, 2008


S&P futures trading below yesterday's lows and NASDAQ futures testing yesterday's lows after some weak PPI data.

Gapping Up: WCG, XFML, GFIG

Gapping Down: SOL, ABMD, AU, AUY, ABX, GU, SPLS, JOSB, HAS, Select casinos -LVS, MGM, WYNN; continued weakness in some financial names LEH, AIB, WB...


TraderLK said...


Thanks for your reply yesterday.

Could you give an example or two of how you typically integrate the 15, 5, 1 minute time frames in determining and setting entries and exits (stops)? That would be most appreciated.


Logan said...

Please tell me someone grabbed up some nice CETV profits for today. I missed it!


Jamie said...


CNQ is a good example, but I only posted the 1 and 15 min. because I that's all I needed to confirm the setup, entry and exits.

Jamie said...


Yeah, that one was sweet.