Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cup & Handle - Foster Wheeler Ltd. (Public, NASDAQ:FWLT)

FWLT formed a C&H base & break pattern at yesterday's pre-vote support. Former support = resistance until price breaks out. I extended my Fibs from the ORL to the base and my target was a measured move of 100%. The base formed over several hours and once it broke out, it printed five successive green bars, hitting the target on the fifth bar.

JOYG was a similar setup, but the BO stalled at the down sloping 50 SMA so I took half off. After retesting the base, price extended to the target but volume was not as strong as FWLT.

QCOM was B&B, followed by a retest and a 1 pt. move into the close.

After losing support during yesterday's crash, SQNM, setup another low risk entry at the base.


Tyler said...


Great trades. I especially like the FWLT trade. I saw that after the fact and am glad you were able to take it.


Jamie said...

Thanks Tyler,

I stuck to the usual suspects list today. It was easy to see that many names were basing at their pre-vote support levels. It was just a matter of time before they would BO or roll over.