Thursday, March 26, 2009

Solars Rule

Solar complex gapped up this morning. All of these gapper trades have the same characteristics - bullish shallow rounded base, NRBs, and big volume on the expansion. The traditional (old style) Trader-X gap long is back. Must be the start of a new bull market! Place fibs from PDL to ORH or early reaction high.

YGE from; FSLR from WL and PAYX (not a solar) from Trade-Ideas scanner.


Tyler said...


Sweet trades today! I was in the wrong stock and got frustrated, which caused me to miss all the good moves. I am glad you caught them so I can study how you traded them. Good job.


john said...

"Must be the start of a new bull market!"

Or a buying/covering, end-of-month dressing, climax.

Trader 504 said...

Great trading Jamie.