Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bullish Flag - SOHU; C&H - CNQ

Several analyst upgrades to BUY from the watchlist - AAPL, BUCY, JOYG and SOHU was initiated as a buy at Citi. The others moved too fast, but SOHU paused to form a flag, so I jumped in on the flag BO. At the EOD these four stocks were the biggest % gainers on my WL.

CNQ gapped wide and filled. It eventually paused at resistance from Friday's high and formed a handle to complete the C&H setup. I exited as price approached 50% FE and resistance from last Wednesday.


bl said...

Nice to have a WL in place. 2 econ report -premkt Housing to drive mkt down at open then reverse it on anticipation of +Consumer Confidence survey. Something to keep in mind. AAPL options rocked, missed it: TNA rocked

Jamie said...


More housing data today at 10:00. The WL is a must on days like this.

Day Tradr said...

Very nice NRB entry on SOHU. Completely missed that one.

Jamie, what kind of upgrades do you normally prefer to add to your WL, those which has been initiated as buy or raised to outperform etc. Any particular brokers upgrades/downgrades that you prefer?

Day Tradr

Jamie said...

Day Tradr,

Someone asked a very similar question last week on the GIL upgrade, so I'm cutting and pasting - I look for significant upgrades/downgrades in pre-market in context of daily chart and pre-market action. Goldman conviction list buys /sells are particularly important. Other analyst ratings also can move stocks especially when markets void of other catalysts.

You have to look at reason why the rating is being changed. For example, an analyst may change rating from Buy to Hold simply based on valuation, but that would not be a good reason to put the stock on focus list for a day trade. Ideally, you want a combined rating change/target change.

SOHU was initiated as a buy with target of upwards of $70.00 which is well above yesterday's price, so room for a big move.

I prefer rating changes from larger firms. But some of the smaller names are only covered by boutique firms so you have to make an educated decision on how to play those. Study the daily.

Day Tradr said...

Thanks Jamie.

Day Tradr said...

Is it okay if I paste this answer on my blog for future reference?

Jamie said...

No problem