Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Trades - AMGN, WLP, FUQI

AMGN pulled back to support from yesterday and the rising 50 period SMA in early trade. As soon as it started to print green, I jumped in for a day trade (separate account from swing trade). Shortly after taking out resistance, it came back in, but it's all good - I like the way it closed.

WLP from comment at 9:38 EST. A quick look at the daily and I see a B&B setup, so I jump in. Only noted, after the fact, that this was a Cramer pick. It took all day, but finally managed a point.
Stewie nailed the holy grail setup on FUQI in his blog post last night. NRIB at the base of the whole $ level and it was good for a fast move to the next resistance level.

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bl said...

Unreal Healthcare binge with Cramer's Mad Money comment. Truckers upgrade CNW ODFL// LNC upgrade=met pru hig up up