Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today's Trades - NTES, FLS, ABX

NTES, SNDA, SOHU all opened strong. NTES was the obvious entry because of the IB, but SNDA was the big winner.

FLS was a trade idea from Swing Trader, Scott Smith. C&H entry on 1 minute timeframe. It ran into resistance today, but the chart is very orderly so I'm keeping it on the WL.

ABX - hammer reversal at support from PDH.

RIMM was not a trade for me today, but I'm posting the chart as a possible Dead Cat Bounce - shorting opp. I'd like to see it retrace a bit more and fail on the third test of the trendline.

Also, watching CELG (box play -$46-48) and maybe AMGN $51.50 after getting stopped out on the 2nd half of last week's swing.


bl said...

Noticed that FXI gapped up and ntes sohu sina snda bidu ctrp ctcm rallied with out a gap playing catch up. Something to note esp if playing China stocks

Jamie said...

Thanks BL,

Good point, I will monitor FXI more closely.