Monday, July 20, 2009

HCPG on Fire!

HCPG were on fire today. I managed to get in on two of their picks from yesterday's newsletter - SNDA and FFIV. It's a good thing these didn't break until the afternoon, because I was going into the session bearish given that the markets were so extended.

Anyway, check out the HCPG blog for the rest of their winners.

POT is on my bearish list because it's in such a weak uptrend in a bullish market. I shorted it when it formed a bearish topping pattern early in the session. It could be forming a bearish H&S top intraday, so I would be looking for a short if it breaks the base at the blue line. If you're trading the Canadian TSX POT, that's roughly equivalent to $100 CAD.

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