Monday, December 06, 2010


RVBD - has held in the upper range of recent rip. Bull flag developing and could BO anytime.

LVS - Filled prior gap and sold off on high volume. Looking for further weakness.

INTU - Looking for retest of recent highs and possible extension to 1.27%

CSTR - Bull Flag developing in addition to Friday's NRIB NR7. $65.00 looks like a good spot.

OVTI holding earnings gap - Darvas box type setup.

AAPL - Last but not least, NRIB NR7 at base of pre-earnings high. As noted previously, AAPL has yet to close above its pre-earnings high of $319.00. Now, it is basing at $319.00 and looks ripe to resume the uptrend. Weekly timeframe has formed a bull flag.


DW said...

Hi Jamie,

Could you please give some explanation about the reason you short AEM, SLW and CNQ when they gap up? They are all new high in daily charts.

Many thanks.

Jamie said...

Hi DW,

I'll do a post to explain the strategy after the hockey game, but basically, they were all extended, closing outside the upper Bolinger band on the daily. This morning's gap up and failure of the S&P futures to confirm the NQs bullflag breakout in pre-market gave me the confidence to take these shorts on the open.

The seed was planted when I watched Zortrades on Stocktwits tv last night.