Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Technical Picture - Constructive Price Action

IBD is changing their market outlook from "Market in Correction" to "Market in Confirmed Rally" based on the out-performance of the Nasdaq today, despite the lack of volume. The logic is that prices have moved high enough above 50 SMA. The next hurdle will be to get above 2800, which should take time as there is a lot of resistance.

As we can see from the 60 min. SPY chart below, we briefly fell out of the rising wedge on late day weakness yesterday, but managed to hold in early trade today and recover by the end of the session.

If copper is a leading indicator, it may be premature for the bulls to reclaim victory, as copper has slipped back below both the 50 and 20 MAs.

Leading stocks are performing well. A few examples include SOHU and UA strong performance today as depicted in charts below. LULU strong performance yesterday with follow through today.

Day Trades

SOHU was on my focus list. I entered small size on break of weekly R1. I added when price held R2 and formed a bull flag. Exit at daily resistance. I missed the UA trade because it didn't show up on my momo scan which has a criteria for min. RSI of 60.

APA was a HCPG pick for target trade back to resistance.

APOL gapped down on weak earnings. I shorted it when it breached it's base, but the trade was slow and lacked volume. I covered on the first signs of a reversal. I entered long when it consolidated back at the original base. Exit at daily resistance.

RIMM set up a long entry on third test of resistance, but wasn't able to follow through after the initial thrust.

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