Monday, April 04, 2011

Technical Picture - Consolidation - Markets Mixed

We had little in the way of catalysts during the trading session, to move the markets, hence we printed inside days. After hours TXN announced bid for NSM at 70% premium over closing price. This prompted buying in SMH and more specifically in names similar to NSM such ADI, MXIM, ISIL, and LLTC.

We'll see if the euphoria carries over into tomorrow's session. At the moment, the S&P futures are ticking down as depicted below. Support in the 1320-21 area looks good and I would be a buyer, notwithstanding negative news.

QCOM forming bearish wedge. Prelim. target $50.00. QCOM popped after hours on TXN/NSM news, but I doubt it will hold for long.

Day Trades

ALXN - Fib. retracement trade

TCK - Traded in my swing account. TCK is on my short WL of Canadian stocks (mostly commodities). TCK formed a bullish flag on 5 min. timeframe. I took a partial at full extension and swinging the rest. From the daily chart above, we see an inverse H&S pattern basing for a BO. Full measured move will bring us back to highs and beyond.

RHT formed a nice flag pattern (tweeted by Independant trader). Exit after it formed a bearish tweezer top, because it just didn't have enough profit at that point to partial and ride it through.

RIMM - shorted break of PDL and it snapped back. What else is new? I keep trying the same bear flag BO trade and keep getting the same result. I was getting a little discouraged, but deep down, I knew it was going to break eventually. So I sat back and placed my Fibs from Friday closing handle to opening swing low and waited to see if anything developed. Price rallied to 1.27 FE, carved out some bearish long upper shadows, and fell back into the retracement zone. So I decided to short again as price broke out of the Rzone. Finally, lower prices. Took a partial at weekly S2 (1.62 FE). Price then retraced sharply, sort of forming a triangle into the close.

Not sure what to expect tomorrow. Felt there wasn't enough volume on this move lower, to risk a swing on the second half, but I will get back in if we break $53.85.

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