Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Play

Long RIMM and ERTS again. Exited 50% shortly after 10:00 reversal and have since closed both positions.

Currently eyeing AAPL, NEW and watchlist for potential longs if the market finds its support.

Update 12:25 - Took a long position in NEW at $41.41 still open. Took a short position in AAPL $66.44 - target $65.50-65.00

Update AAPl 12:44 - covered 50% 65.75. Feels like it is capitulating. tighten stop.

Update 12:59 - stopped out on the balance of the AAPL trade at $66.15. NEW is up over $1.00 so I am taking a 50% profit.

Update 1:31 - NEW is consolidating and I've tightened the stop to $42.75.

Update 1:45 - NEW has been sold $43-43.05. I have personal business to attend to in the next few hours. I will post the chart for this trade later.

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