Friday, March 17, 2006

In Play

I see that most of my morning posts did not go through due to continued Blogger problems. Just a short summary of my trades so far today.

Short MRVL on the open ($55.00) as it had already taken out yesterday's low in pre-market. Covered at $53.97.

Long RMBS - $33.35 - still in play.

Long TEK - $35.21 - still in play

P.S. - This post was originally poated at 11:59 am EST, but it actually went through almost an hour later.

Update 1:00 - sold 50% of TEK at $36.64

Update 1:27 - sold RMBS - market feels very weak here

Update 1:32 - stopped out on balance of TEK.

Update 2:39 - Currently eyeing TEK on a Fibonacci retracement level. A 25% retracement to roughly $35.60 would coincide nicely with the rising 20 period EMA on the 15 minute chart. However, time is runnung out and this stock is moving very slowly.

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