Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pre-Market - GOOG Unveils Financial News Service

GOOG - Unveils new financial news service to compete against Yahoo Finance. At first glance their service looks quite impressive. It even has a section of blogger related sites and message boards. I tried it using NVDA because NVDA is trading up in pre-market. Have a look here.

GOOG - CIBC lowers estimates based on expectations of lower margins due to higher sales expenses from deals like the Dell distribution deal.

NVDA - Upgraded from underweight to overweight at Lehman.

RMBS, DRIV - Raised Q1 revenue guidance. RMBS trading close to $36.00 in pre-market. Could make a run for the multi-year high $36.56.

QCOM - Trading down

NDX futures trading down -3.50 at 8:40 EST. QQQQ trading lower $41.41 - support $41.24

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