Monday, August 28, 2006

Watch List - CKFR

Technical Bounce - Last Thursday CKFR fell into its 200 day MA on the weekly timeframe and started to reverse. Friday it gapped up on an upgrade and this resulted in a morning star reversal pattern. Look for continued upside and a preliminary target in the $37.50 - 38.00 area.


Anonymous said...

Nice call on CKFR (and STP jumped today too).

What are your feeling on NVDA, OVTI, and CHS at this point?

NVDA got an upgrade today but sold off a good chunk from its morning's pop. It heading to $30 in the next couple of weeks?

OVTI has been battered pretty bad and the analysts like to kick it around. It has a verly lower P/E and they report earnings on Thursday.

CHS has also dropped quite a bit and it looks like its ripe for a buy.

Thanks, Jamie.

TJ said...

Hey monkeydust, welcome back.

I'll do a post on OVTI and CHS later tonight. NVDA got hit with some profit taking at $28.00, a key resistance area. Lots of support at $25.00. If the NAZ and SOX remain strong going into the fall, NVDA should be a key player to the upside.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got hit hard on the profit taking on NVDA today. The ask to bid ratio was brutal today.