Monday, March 12, 2007

Blast from the Past

A few of the old semi stocks I used to follow made some nice moves today. I noticed CREE was trading up in pre-market. Charts later this evening.

Wall Street asked about AKAM. Here's my take.

Click on chart to enlarge.



Well, AKAM is running right now, after hours. Just posted 200k volume @$52.89. Let's watch it tomorrow morning.
Thanks Warrior..

Jamie said...

Welcome, just noticed it on the post market scan.

Anonymous said...

Would u have waited for AKAM to clear the pivot pt before entry if there is a suitable one?


Jamie said...


Yes I would have waited until it cleared the pivot point on a closing basis with a bullish candle. If, AKAM had opened much lower, just above the previous day high, for example, I could have entered long and used the pivot point as my target, but in this case it was just too close.