Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Watch List Update

I've removed JCOM from the WL and I've added GILD and GENZ. Today CELG, AMGN and BIDU had big moves. I missed the two BO moves because they happened in the a.m., but I'll be watching for follow through. The BIDU move would have been difficult to trade anyway. The charts above comprise my focus list for tomorrow. Click on charts to enlarge


Closet Daytrader said...


Jamie said...

Welcome CDt

Anonymous said...

good stuff jamie

OONR7 said...

jamie... I'm not finding a lot of gap up candidates for me to trade lately, so I've uploaded your watchlist to see if I can try to understand it better and possibly incorporate some of your technique into my trading day. For now, I'm just going to use your watchlist until I can better understand how to compile my own.
I like how I can have your watchlist seperate from my daily list and I can apply the pivot points after hours along with the alerts.
I checked out AMGN and CAL (which had nice setups) but I also saw NEM set up nicely too on the 5-min (11:15 candle) and possible the 15-min (11:15 candle as well). I'm using QT Pivot Point lines and they both set up above R1 and proceeded to R2. What do you think of the NEM setup?
Thanks again for all your help. You're extremely generous with your info (and watchlist).

Vivek Tomer said...


Thanks. I also think that there is a big move coming for HOKU...building a nice pattern for quite some days.


Closet Daytrader said...


Just curious... is this your complete list? If not, how many stocks do you have in your list at the moment?

Jamie said...

Thanks for all of the comments. I will come back and address individual points after hours. But just a quick note that this is not the complete watch list. You can find that in the side panel under key posts.

A few minor changes since I posted the initial list. Add SGR, GILD, and GENZ.

Jamie said...


Happy to share my WL. The more people trading it, the better.

The NEM trade fits perfectly into your Fib. retracement trading strategy as well. I also noticed GOLD from the Briefing gapper list had a nice move as well.

My watch list is quite long and one way to simplify things is to reduce the number of stocks in a specific sector. I'm heavily biased towards biotechs at the moment so you might want to remove some of those to make the list more manageable.

Today shipping was momo - SGR and FWLT were winners for me.

Jamie said...


HOKU is in a trading range at the moment. Once it breaks out of the range between $8 and $11, it will start to move a little faster. It would be nice to see a higher low and then a break to the upside - ascending triangle.