Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snooze Fest Edition

Opening Range BO - AMGN - formed a mini inverse H&S pattern which failed and set up a short. Minor extension. AMGN spent most of the day trying to recapture the 200 DMA. Maybe a better trade tomorrow.

Nasdaq futures were choppy most of the day, but when they retested the daily high and were forcefully rejected, it set up a short opp. Most of the profit came through after the cash market closed at 4:00.

Kicking myself for missing my beloved RIMM - nice momo move today.


OONR7 said...

been a tough couple of days finding good movement.

Tyler said...


I thought for sure I would see RIMM on your blog today! Thanks for the good trading ideas lately. They definitely help my analysis.


anarco said...

What would have been your entry for RIMM?

Jamie said...


The longer we stay in this trading range, the worse it gets. Hoping that when we finally break, it'll be a big move.

Jamie said...

Welcome Tyler, happy to help.

Jamie said...


Two opps in RIMM today, NRIBs (15 min.) with volume contraction. The last one was at the base of $53.00, but I let it go because I thought the move was in already. It would have been good for a fast point.

Attitude Trader said...

Curse you and your Naz trade today.



Jamie said...


Looking at the after hours market, I'm amazed that I was able to reach my target. Futures ripped higher when they re-opened at 4:30.