Sunday, January 04, 2009

Technical Picture - Inverse H&S

Welcome to 2009. The first trading day got off to a good start if you're a bull. We finally broke out of the inverse head & shoulders pattern we've been talking about over the last month. If the breakout doesn't fail in the coming days, I'm expecting at least 150 point move north from the breakout point.


Dinosaur Trader said...

I just want to say this quickly, and in a non-threatening tone.

Your blog has a 53 Authority rating over at Technorati which qualifies it as a "small blog" over at the Weblog awards.

My blog has a 49 Authority rating which qualifies it as a "diamond in the rough."

I'm coming to get you, bitch.


Jamie said...

Hey, Knock yourself out DT.

Wall St. Warrior is now available at the Kindle Store.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Oh man... you're really upping the ante now, huh?

That's it! I'm making Dinosaur Trader t-shirts!


Jamie said...


Okay, Ts are a great idea. I'll go with caps.