Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Intraday Box Trade - Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA) (Public, NYSE:POT)

EOD POT looks well positioned to form an inverse C&H. If not, I'll be watching for a double top as this stock is still weak (IMO) despite yesterday's gap.


JTT said...

Hi Jamie,
Very sweet trade! On a box play like that, just wondering where your stop is? Top of the box? I know you've told me the top of the last candle but I see your using the 1 min chart here. I'm always curious on the stops:) Thanks in advance.

Jamie said...


On these 1 minute setups, I use the 20 ema as my guide. If price were to close above the downsloping 20 ema, the trade is in peril, if it doesn't immediately reverse, exit the trade.

I waited for mini bear flag to break before entering because the move to the low end of the box was wide, so there's always a chance buyers will step in at support.

Day Tradr said...

Great trade Jamie.

Missed your weekly technical analysis post.

Jamie said...

Thanks Day Tradr,

I had pneumonia and I'm still feeling too tired to do much blogging.

Stocks from my WL to watch tomorrow AMZN, V, and RIMM

Jamie said...

A few more stocks for tomorrow's focus list -
AMGN short
TCK long
STEC probably short

Jim said...


Sorry to hear that you have been sick. I noticed the reduction in blogging, but I have been too busy of late to contribute.

AMGN thru 58.0 looks good. In addition to the others you mentioned, FWLT is contracting with several doji like daily candles.

Jamie said...

Thanks Jim,

Futures traded higher through the night, could be a fade on the open.