Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Technical Picture - Overbought


Dinosaur Trader said...

Hey, I come over to check out "one of the best day-traders posting in the blogosphere" and what do I get? Nothing! No posts since Tuesday? What kind of morass has the stock blogosphere descended into?



TRader said...

DT, though very very gay, is right. What the blodclot is up with this commentary-less pic, and no new posts? get your game up son, u making your friends at hcpg look bad.

Jamie said...

Hey DT,

You've come out of hibernation to shit on my blog - Sorry to disappoint, but when the markets turn into a snooze fest, it's hard to get motivated.

But I see that you've done your share to diminish the morass by removing that old blog of yours from public viewing. Are you re-inventing yourself, or are you on a long-term hiatus?

Jamie said...


No kidding, I'm just now catching up on my emails and I see I have no choice but to post tonight.