Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Technical Picture - Low Volume Retracement

S&P has retraced almost 50% of the correction thus far. Volume is light so I don't expect we'll get much beyond resistance, unless we get some really good economic data, starting tomorrow with housing/building starts, capacity utilization and industrial production.

IAG on TSX was on my focus list this morning after Friday's big move. Looks like a bona fide breakout is underway, although I would've liked to see more volume. Holding half for a swing.

GS day trade - flag BO above resistance.

Flags for Swing Trading

MA forming bearish flag following earnings miss. Could BO anytime as price contracted over last few sessions.

APKT formed a bull flag following earnings beat. On a measured move it could go to $18.00 so it's not too late to jump in.

Notice how both names had huge volume on the gap days giving us confidence in the setups.


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