Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Technical Picture - Prices Stall Ahead of Jobs Data Friday

Spinning tops with long upper wicks suggest a loss of momentum. Expect a pause or shallow retracement ahead of Friday's jobs data. I noticed a lot of bearish engulfing patterns on predefined scanner page.

$USD moving back towards trendline.

Spotted MON on the TI momentum scan in early trade. Wait for price to consolidate the early move. Eventually, it carves out a cup & handle. Enter long on base BO. Price moves nicely to 50% FE. Take a partial as price is extending too far from up-sloping 5 period EMA. The shooting star leads to an evening star reversal pattern when the next stick closes more than 50% into the 1st stick in the 3 bar pattern. So, we close the balance of the position and short. Price swoons into the close.


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