Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Technical Picture - Former Support Acts as Resistance

The first chart is the 15 min. timeframe of the E-mini futures. The E-minis formed a bullish cup&handle overnight. The pattern reached full (100%) extension in pre-market. Despite the big move, it managed to rip an additional 50% in early trade.

That turned out to be the end of the move, because former support from the May and early June lows came into play. The bears stepped in, slowly at first, but eventually managed to push prices all the way back to the base of the C&H pattern.

So, the first test of resistance (former support) holds. Now SPY prices are trading in a narrow range between today's high and Thursday's low, which marks the 38% retracement of the March 2009 low to the April 2010 recovery highs.

The $USD is testing its trendline as support.

Gold fell sharply last Thursday. The $USD and gold were strong versus the Euro, but now that the Euro has bounced, the gold hedge is out of favor. The Euro will likely consolidate and retrace some of the move soon.

ABX testing its trendline. Bear flag developing.

AMZN - Bear flag forming.

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