Friday, October 15, 2010

Technical Picture - Minor Losses

Minor corrective action on weaker than expected economic data and confusion over foreclosure processes, as depicted on the intraday SPY and QQQQ charts above and below. The SPY retraced 62% of the last leg up and the Q's retraced 38% before bouncing into the close.

After hours, GOOG's big earnings beat ( +$0.96 above consensus) have NQ Emini futures trading slightly above daily resistance. GOOG is up close to $50.00 from its daily closing price.

Tomorrow is OPEX so expect more volatility for option-able stocks. Also, keep an eye on the economic calendar.

Today's Day- Trades:

FSLR was testing its trendline after retracing 50% of the last leg up. It had carved out two NRBs ready to expand. The pre-market price action setup a tradable entry point at $140.00. The targets based on the daily were 20 MA and resistance at the blue line. The trade was executed as depicted below.

CREE had relative strength yesterday in the wake of disappointing earnings by INTC, so it was worth a second look. As you can see from the daily chart below, it was a good candidate for a target trade to the base of resistance at $57.00. I'd like to see it consolidate at this level before breaking out. The next target is a move into bearish gap resistance.

Price penetrated the PDH on the OR and consolidated setting up an easy long.

STI was from the Trade-Ideas scanner and setup a bear flag short on banking sector weakness.

Going forward, I like the following charts:

ALTR has held support of BO point and is testing the trendline. Long above blue line.

WYNN is holding support of $100.00 as it flags. Could be a big move.

AMZN has been basing $157.00 for several sessions and will likely move higher in the aftermath of GOOG's big earnings beat. Hopefully it won't gap too much.

P.S. To Trader-X fans, he's back!


Ken said...


AMZN 157 was on my list too. You catch the breakout at 158.20?

Jamie said...

Hey Ken,

Yeah, it set up perfectly on the 1 min. and 15 min. Expansion was sweet - 3 WRBs on 15 min.

Now testing highs of range.

Ken said...

Was an absolute beauty!

Jamie said...

A bread & butter trade!

Ken said...

I just should have held it to the close!!! Oh well, still a great day trade.