Friday, November 09, 2012

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Selloff - What Next?

AAPL is about to breach the ambush zone of the fib extension long.  If the selling pauses not too far below $534, we might have the chance to retrace and form a H&S top before the selling resumes.  In the chart above, I hypothesize $525 as an interim bottom to show what kind of a bounce we could expect for the right shoulder.


Anonymous said...

Jamie, was about to ask you about a potential H&S top this morning and that's when I saw your post.
Today was a decent day with good volume. Could this be a 1-day reversal although MACD does not show that.
The right shoulder takes about the same time to form as the left shoulder which should be in the Jan 2013 timeframe. Could the AAPL story be really over ?

Anonymous said...

Jamie, 525 is reached on AAPL. Interesting to see if it goes to 517 or moves up from here. Very nervous since AAPL is dragging the market down. With the fiscal cliff looming undecided... if AAPL does not hold, we are probably dead. Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you.